Project: Coca-Cola Journey International Corporate Website Launches

International Coca-Cola Journey corporate website launch in South Korea.

When I joined Perfect Sense earlier this year, one of the first projects I had was launching international corporate websites for The Coca-Cola Company. These sites are referred to as Coca-Cola Journey, taking the name from Coke’s internal company magazine from the 1980s, for they’re designed to be a dynamic and digital storytelling platform. Here’s a short summary of that experience…

What did I like about the project?

Having launched and been the editor of Coca-Cola Journey Great Britain and Coca-Cola Journey Ireland for two years (2015-16), I was instantly familiar with the project. I could also empathise with the local public affairs and communications teams, who I was taking on this digital journey. So that instantly made things easier from the outset, and I had a lot of prior knowledge, valuable insights and tried and tested strategies that I could apply and impart.

It was also exciting to travel, meet the clients and their agencies, and hold content strategy and training workshops in exotic locations like India, Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Morocco and Greece. It was during these face-to-face meetings that I felt the website (or digital publication) started to come into fruition, and where most of the creative ideas, content plans and technical innovations came to life. When they finally went live, there was such a great sense of shared pride, relief and accomplishment.

Watch the video to see some of the international Coca-Cola Journey editors from around the world (including me, at 00:50). 

What didn’t I like about the project?

As with most international work, you can’t always be in the same room as the team you’re working with. And no matter how great the technology is that you’re using to communicate, share files and show your screen, there are going to be technical faults. Not to mention there’s sometimes a language barrier, which can make teaching and explaining things, such as how to use a content management system (CMS), a little more complicated. But it’s also part of the fun, and I’ve developed strong people skills and patience as a result.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history, purpose and strategy behind #CokeJourney, watch this video from a few years back:

Learn more about the Coca-Cola Journey projects led by Matthew Hepburn.

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