Project: Johnson & Johnson 2016 Health for Humanity Sustainability Report

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One of my biggest projects on Brightspot, which is the digital experience platform developed and used by Perfect Sense, was for the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson. I helped J&J launch their global 2016 Health for Humanity Report online for the first time, which shows their progress in citizenship and sustainability.

What did I like about the 2016 Health for Humanity Report project?

When you’ve been in multiple in-house and agency roles, you start to notice that almost every company faces the same corporate issues and reporting needs. So my experience of working at The Coca-Cola Company put me in good stead when it came to communicating Johnson & Johnson’s sustainability achievements. It also helped that both are Fortune 500 companies, both founded in 1886 and both have similar red and white logos in a cursive font.

I’m a little biased, but publishing the 2016 Health for Humanity Report on Brightspot was such a blessing. It’s a super intuitive and user-friendly content management system (CMS), and the search engine is extremely powerful too. So it made finding and updating hundreds of articles, images, tables and charts a piece of cake. This was particularly helpful when it came to preparing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index and applying the indicators – an essential part of most sustainability reports.

What didn’t I like about the 2016 Health for Humanity Report project?

Perfect Sense has a ton of young talented visual designers, and we leveraged this resource to help create a beautiful PDF version of the 2016 Health for Humanity Report. However, websites and printable PDFs are two very different mediums with their own best practices, requirements and specificities. So what seemed like one task almost ended up being two. It’s not a simple copy and paste job. You always have to think about both needs and outcomes throughout the entire process to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes.

One more thing, which is definitely me whining, but coordinating a video shoot across three different locations was, as you can imagine, a little stressful. We had to capture footage in London, Vermont and New Jersey, and then edit it all together. Fortunately, the videos turned out pretty well and were a nice audiovisual accompaniment to the online report. But next time I’ll remind myself not to underestimate the work that goes into producing video content!

Watch the videos below and learn more about Matthew Hepburn.

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